ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Center GmbH

ELArb Arbitration Center

The new Arbitration Center for disputes related to Latin America.

ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Center - a platform for the efficient solutions of international legal disputes.

The ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Center provides a platform for the efficient solution of international legal disputes. It is designed for the needs of the European and Latin American trade and business communities and beyond.

The Hamburg based ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Center is operated and supported by arbitration practitioners from Latin America and Europe. With its tailor-made ELArb Arbitration rules, which inter alia allow the parties to commence and conduct arbitration proceedings in the Spanish, Portuguese, English or German language, it offers a unique setting for the solution of disputes which may arise between European and Latin American business partners and beyond.

Arbitration plays an important role in strengthening the rights of the parties in international trade and commerce since it is, as opposed to state jurisdiction, not tied into a system of national procedural rules.

It therefore offers the possibility to resolve cross-border disputes in a tailor-made, swift and cost-efficient way.

The ELArb Arbitration Center administrates arbitration proceedings in accordance with the ELArb Arbitration Rules.

It is operated by the ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Center GmbH in Hamburg / Germany.

The ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Association, a non-profit entity, is open to individuals, organizations and companies from around the world.

Its main purpose is to foster science and research in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, with special focus on arbitration. It is the sole shareholder of the ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Center GmbH.

Historically developed expertise

Since their independence, most Latin American countries have maintained close commercial relations with European countries that have grown and intensified over the years on the basis of mutual trust. An essential part of the trade resulting thereof takes place via the port of the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

This is why, as early as 1916, merchants and businessmen from Hamburg joined with business people from other parts of Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean to form the LAV in order to exchange experiences, discuss different views and promote their common interests in a better way. The LAV is a non-profit organization located in Hamburg. It supports companies from all sectors in establishing and developing business activities.

Tailor-made legal framework

The ELArb Arbitration Rules offer a modern set of arbitration rules. They have been developed by arbitration practitioners from Latin America and Europe with the aim to take the particularities of Latin American and European jurisdictions, trade practices and (legal) cultures duly into account.

While the ELArb Arbitration Center and the ELArb Arbitration Rules focus on disputes, which relate to Latin American – European trade relationships, they are open to parties world-wide; a connection of the specific dispute with Europe and/or Latin America is not required. The parties are free to choose the arbitrators and to determine the place of arbitration.

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