ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Center GmbH


ELArb’s primary aim is to promote international commercial arbitration.

This form of dispute resolution provides the opportunity to settle cross-border disputes in a quick and and cost-efficient way, because arbitration courts are not integrated in national jurisdictions and are thereby not bound by national procedural laws. Arbitration courts thus play an important role in strengthening the rights of the parties in international trade and commerce.

In ELArb arbitration proceedings, the parties are free to choose the arbitrators.

The non-exhaustive ELArb-List of Arbitrators aims to facilitate the choice of arbitrators. All arbitrators in the list are members of the ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Association.

The ELArb Arbitration Rules are based on the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (as revised in 2010) and the UNCITRAL Model Law which forms the basis for national legislation in most Latin American countries or has considerably influenced them.

They provide an instrument of dispute resolution which takes the particularities of European-Latin American trade and legal relationships into particular account.

The ELArb Arbitration Center strives to resolve commercial disputes in a swift and cost-efficient way.

The costs of ELArb arbitration proceedings are relatively moderate and may easily be calculated by using the Cost Calculator.